Thursday, October 15, 2015

What's in My Makeup Bag?? (2015 Edition)

The last time I did a post about What's In My Makeup Bag was 2 years ago! That's was quite a while!! For the past few years, my life had typically changed. My day job requires me to travel locally as well as internationally. Therefore, I am very dependant on my makeup bag.

Today I am going to share with you my latest series of What's In My Makeup Bag - the one I use everyday.

Here's a little peek!

This time round I switched my makeup bag because my old one look very rusty and dirty! Haha XD I got this cute bag from a beauty bag subscription years ago and I have to say it put in good use now. But it's very roomy where I can place a lot of items in it. 

What's inside?

Because I travel a lot, I always love getting eyeshadow quad especially those that comes with a mirror and little small brush/sponge. I am in love with my Gucci Beauty eyeshadow quad lately! Mainly because the color combinations are suitable for all looks and outfit and it's different from my normal browns. 

That YSL Full Metal Eyeshadow works very well as a base and highlighter. I keep both Shu Uemura eyeliner pencil and Hourglass Brow Arch Pencil in my bag permanently for emergency. Since I finished my trusty Kiss Me Liquid Liner, I replaced it with K-Palette. (I still like my Kiss Me!)
Most of the time I will keep a small mascara in the bag but lately I couldn't find a good replacement yet so no mascara in the bag until I found a small deluxe sample size.

Next lips!

I am amazed I actually had different kind of lip products in my bag - from lipstick, liptint, pencil to lipbalm! I kept my new favorite Ettusais Lip Essence in my bag all the time (after I finished my QV Lipbalm). The NARS Lip Pencil and YSL Tint-In-Oil stained a bit on my lips which it's good when I was out the whole day. I love the fact that the texture that I sometimes use it to blend on my cheek as blusher! 

I hardly carry blusher nowadays because I couldn't find a better cream blush and one brush for travel. 

The best makeup invention goes to BB Cushion! It really save a lot of my time and what's more when you travel. Verite wins hands down of all my BB Cushion! It offers great coverage and pretty good oil-control - a must have item for me. Another staple will be NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer to conceal everything! :D 

A handcream is a must in every woman's makeup bag! I finished my C&E and Hada Labo so replace it with this L'Occitane. Got myself a small sample perfume from Givenchy - Dahlia Noir, perfume sample and vial is something I used to keep in my bag. And of course some emergency woman kit like heat pad, eyedrop, plaster, comb etc. 

If you've spotted my pic in my Instagram, here's my latest What's In My Makeup Bag - Travel Edition! I always rotate my makeup for travelling mainly depends on my wardrobe/ clothes that I will packing along, weather and etc.

What's in My Makeup Bag - Travel Edition

So this pretty much conclude my mini post on What's In My Makeup Bag. I hope you enjoy it :)

Share with me What's in Your Makeup Bag?? 
Or do you have any similiar items like me?

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FiSh said...

I still find that k-palette liquid liner is better than kiss me haha! I have been using it for the longest time ever :D

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