Saturday, June 07, 2014

UPDATE: Where I've been?

Hello beautiful!! ❤ ❤

First, I would like to apologize that I'd neglected my blog for about two months (and I hate it when it happens!). Life happens sometimes you just have to put certain things on hold (in my case - this blog) till I get myself settled down. :) 

I'm in the midst of settling down myself in a new environment, so life's been very hectic like roller-coaster ride. (lol!) However, I do have a bunch of posts lined up for you all! I've been trying out a lot of new products (it means I shop a lot) and have some fantastic reviews up to share with you girls! I just need some time to sit on my computer and finish writing reviews and editing the photos. Did I also mentioned to you my computer K.O for the past few months and I'm surviving without one? 

Since I have no PC, my only way to stay in love with my beauty passion is my phone. Therefore, you girls may want to check out my Instagram for the most up to date updates. 

" My Instagram name is SLOWBROGAL "
I tried to post any beauty-related stuff everyday. So don't forget to follow me there!!

So that's pretty much about it and I hope everyone is doing great!!

Can't wait to be back :) 

PS: Not to sure if anyone will be reading this though. >.<"


Kathy said...

I understand what you're going through! I neglected my blog for several months too due to "real" llfe happening. Take care and looking foward to your getting settled, getting a new PC and blogging again.

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Anonymous said...

You're back! That's all that matters. Welcome back to blogging Cynthia. I'm sure your readers all miseed you😜

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