Sunday, December 29, 2013

Artsphere 20/8ty: Malaysia Largest Interactive 3D Murals!

Before this I mentioned about the artsphere that will that will take place at The Atmosphere.

Now, I have been there!

The entrance look so huge and the design definitely look classy.

 .This is what you will see when you first enter the building through the entrance.

The view from second floor. This place is huge.

There are also booth selling many different types of stuff there.

Regardless of indoor or outdoor, the area definitely look nice and neat. The peoples that turn up are a lot, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves too. Just before the opening ceremony, I walk around the area to explore all the arts that are painted all around the walls.

 So how does my classic scooter look like?

So what do you think if walking down the stairs here?

Saving fire? Guess which are real and which are fake.

It is officially launched!!
Here are the artists that painted the mural art. Say hello!! Good job to all of you.

Don't forget about the strike a pose contest. The prizes are up to Rm15,000! Here is a walking advertisement there.

Meet the clown that is so tall and Captain America!

And....Hi robots!!
Let us also go outdoor to see what's outside.

Nicely painted. The effect is so great.

 And also uncle selling drinks?

And Roti roti!!
There are much more painting to that are available. The best will be viewing it with your own eyes. If you think it is nice in pictures, you will know how nice it is when it is in front of you.

It will take you some time to walk and take photo with every single painting. If you happen to be hungry or thirsty, feel free to drop by at the artsphere cafe.

You can view more of the murals here : Click me!

Remember to take part in the strike a pose contest. If you are worry about not being able to visit yet, don't worry. The dateline of the contest will be 16 February 2014. You will have plenty of time to visit. The prizes are up to RM15,000 worth of prizes.

The admission is free! So bring along everyone that you know. And have fun!

For more information, feel free to visit:

Artsphere's Facebook
The Atmosphere


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i wish to go there to see all the murals too!!

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