Wednesday, November 13, 2013

October Favorite~ ❤

I know we’re already half way through November. I had this in my draft for weeks and I couldn’t believe I actually forgot to click publish. Anyway, better be late than never heh? October has been an awesome month to me. Didn’t get to do much shopping because I’m saving big for Christmas! Did those pretty Christmas set from our favourite makeup/skincare brands calling your names?

I’m digging into my wardrobe recently and found some products that I really love long ago. (Of course not all) Here you go for my October’s favourite!

Hera CC Cream

Hera CC Cream or full name, Hera Complete Care Cream SPF35/PA++ is one of my favourite CC Cream. 

Hera is a prestige counter brand in Korea under Amore Pacific. My first encountered of the brand was from my friend, Elaine who raves about their products. Hera's CC Cream is also known as the 'Photoshop Cream' as it’s supposed to give you a natural airbrushed finish. Although I don’t think my skin look like photoshop but I really like how my skin look after applying this. I couldn’t even stop looking at the mirror staring at my skin.

Here’s a picture I uploaded in my Instagram previously. (If you've yet to follow me in Instagram, please follow me! Hehe XD)

How do you think my skin looks like with this CC Cream after 8 hours? :))

Benefit Coralista Blush

I don’t need to explain how this blusher works isn’t it? The reviews or some of you might even have them, said it all. So far, it’s one of my favourite peachy/ coral blusher. The little shimmer helps brightens up your whole look and makeup. And the huge boxes can last you very long. I’d been using this quite often, and I haven’t see a dent yet. O_o

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Thanks to Samantha Chapman, Pixiewoo for creating this brushes. Real Techniques are one of the brushes that capture my loves. For the price you paid, it’s definitely worth it! Among most RT brushes I owned, Buffing Brush is definitely my favourite-on-the-go brush or I now called it my essential travel brush. I basically chuck them in my makeup bag everywhere I go. It’s so soft and sturdy. I used it for my blusher sometimes bronzer too. You can use it as foundation brush too.

Peripera Deep Clean Lips & Eye Remover

I received this sample from one of my blogger friend, Xuan sometime ago. I bought this with me during my last overseas trip and I’m WOW-ed by this. I didn’t expect it to be so good. It removes my waterproof makeup in just a minute. No rubbing or tugging needed. I’ve been searching for this remover online but couldn’t find them. Not sure if Peripera change the name but this is definitely a score product to try. And yes, it’s my first product from Peripera. Heard their lipstick is good. ^_^

Sephora Jumbo Glossy Lip Pencil in Pale Pink

I bought this impulsively on a blog sale. I didn’t get a chance to research and look for the swatches online. So I went home googled about this and found out that this was actually a limited edition from Sephora. I heart their Jumbo Eyeshadow, so I doubt this will disappoint me. And yes, the color is so pretty!! I find it’s better than Relvon Lip Stain. Though it doesn’t stain my lips but it’s more moisturizing. I really wish Sephora will launch them again with more colors. 

PS: Above all pictures are snapped using my Samsung Note 3. 

Have you tried the products above?
Share with me your thought!


marilovesgr33n said...

I still have to try a CC cream..maybe during Christmas time. I really love the sephora glossy lip pen. I've started using the Clinique ones and those are great.

Choulyin said...

Is the lip pencil buildable? I love Sephora products cos they're good! But the problem with Sephora in Malaysia is that they don't usually stock up again once a particular item runs out...they just leave it empty :(

Sana said...

RT Brushes are my favorite and Benefit blush too. I've not heard about that CC Cream, would love to check it out x

Deann said...

I really love to try the Real Techniques brushes, but argghhh so many things to buy! Haha! It really hurts to be a girl! >.<


Agata Pokutycka said...

I like the brush... I am currently on the hunt for a new one... cat ate my old one :-(

Beauty_Blogette said...

Great products! I have to try Benefit Coralista Blush. It really looks amazing!

Ninaonthemoon said...

what a great bunch of favourites! i have only heard of the sephora brand, but everything looks great. giglove

Maia Rose said...

loving the coralista blush and the CC cream from Hera! I have that CC cream too but I have nit tried it yet... i have so many other CC creams to use up!haha

Natasha said...

I love that Real Techniques brush! I have it and use it all the time. GIG

Carizza Chua said...

the coralista packaging is really cute. i wanna keep one for myself. :)

Monica Calangian said...

So I think I need to shift from my Innisfree to Hera! I would love to get that "Photoshop look" as well kk giglove

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