Saturday, February 23, 2013

TGIF- Insta: Chinese New Year Edition

Today it's the starting of a new weekend again!! It's TGIF-Insta time! It's basically a blog post that I compiled all the pictures I took during the week. Each week I'll try to come out with different theme. And today is gonna be Chinese New Year (CNY) Edition.

1) What do you eat?

Chinese New Year is about Food, Food and Food! The only holiday of the year that I'll be snacking throughout the day without any control. Those re-union dinners, pineapple tarts, dried minced pork and etc.

Pictures above was taken from my phone during re-union dinner. Look how much weight I could gain for this 15 days.

2) What did you do with your family? 

CNY is the only time of the year were all your family & relatives gather together and family bonding time :) We eat, we talk and we gamble (opps!!) 

Of coz every place that we are together, there's definitely a need of Lou Sang (Prosperity Toss). People do believe that the higher you toss, the more prosper you will be. You can imagine the mess after the toss heh??

3) How do you look?

Looking absolutely pretty on Chinese New Year (CNY) is a must for me!! As I am traveling back to my hometown during CNY, I didn't managed to bring much makeup products with me. Therefore, most look I did was just a simple one. (Gonna share those tips with you all soon XD)

Clockwise from top left: CNY Day 1 to Day 4
You must be surprised  to see my dull looking face on my 2nd day of CNY (top right picture). I was traveling back to my mum's kampung (village/ hometown). Therefore, it's my dress-down day and no-makeup day. That explains why I look so pale. >.<

4) What's do you like the best about CNY?

The best part about Chinese New Year I like the most is receiving Ang Pao!!!
It's a part of Chinese tradition that children (or those who're not married) to receive the Ang Pao (or Red Envelope) blessing from the elder ones. For further story explanation, you may check out it out here.

Being a very materialistic one, more Ang Pao means more $$$$!! Lol. *Joking*

That's all about my Chinese New Year this year. How about you??

Share with me your stories on your Chinese New Year holidays regardless if you're celebrating or not :))


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Cynthia said...

Happy Be-lated Chinese New Year and hope you have a prosperous and healthy New Year. The pics you uploaded looks very nice and festive. I typically celebrate with my family with a dinner together and that's pretty much it here in the US. The US CNY is pretty not festive than the one on your side.

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