Friday, July 13, 2012

Updates through Instagram

It's been a while since I really sit in front of my computer and blog. I should possibly consider on a 9-5 office job now (so I could blog) LOL! Back to our topic today, it's been a trend now that almost everyone of us update our pictures daily through Instagram. I see it will become another Facebook one day. =P

As life's been really busy, I would also love to keep updates with everyone of you now and then. I'll be sharing my updates through Instagram - add me @slowbrogal !! =)

Most pictures below I've posted at either Instagram or Facebook.

Have you checked out all three different texture of Maybelline BB Cream? Noticed the one in the middle? It is the newly launched Maybelline BB Clear Stick. It is a love.

Spotted this new sunblock from Sunplay. Can't wait to try them on!

If you're a skincare freak like me, you gonna get your hands on Naruko Skincare. It's been a hit products in most countries especially Taiwan. ^_^  

Trust me, ever since I bought these two new blushers from Tarte I am hooked and I want more!! =D

And how could I missed out the new famous blusher Sleek Blush By 3. Apparently certain colors in the palette are quite similar with the other collection of their blushers.

I've been using this hair products ever since they've launched. And let me tell you, their hair mask is my HG hair products!! When there's sale, I actually bought and do a stock up. 
(PS: I have some extras if you would want to buy)

My lovely reader has sent me a message that my ever loved Sasatinne HD foundation has been continued. So when Sasa were having sales week ago, I couldn't resist and stock this up!! If you do not know why I love this, check out my review post here >>> here.

Lastly, these two pics are my favorite monthly beauty-box subscription Bellabox. Although they have increased their prices from SG$15 to SG$19.95 every month starting on August 2012, so far their upgraded version has not disappoint me. I will definitely continue to subscribe. =))
The June Bellabox Edition - featuring 8 samples from
Kiehl's, Biotherm, Lancome, Shu Uemura and Ralph Lauren.
The July Bellabox Edition - featuring 6 different samples from
Legere, Twistband, SK2, Kimiso and Jimmy Choo

What do you think about my updates through Instragram? Is it a good idea for sharing or no? Let me know and remember to add me ~ ~ ^_^


Jess said...

i like it cos fast fast can see.. hahaha unfortunately i instragram dont support my blackberry!

Chii said...

hi cynthia! i'm interested with the essential shampoo. i heard that they are really good. so are you selling? shampoo, conditioner and mask? email me pls

Cynthia Loh said...

 emailed you ^^

Cynthia Loh said...

 It's okay..Luckily instagram could linked to twitter ^^

Edwardsfovi said...

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