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Review: Enavose Cellogist Youth Guard Cream

The word Youth used in beauty products are always related to anti-aging. Agree with me?? My definition of 'Youth' mean a person who's aged between 13 to 19 -who's rather young. ^_^ People who fall between this age often have a great skin to start with (even some may have acne issues, but their skin are firmer, bouncier and more elastic) When your age grow, your skin grow. You'll start to feel that your skin started to shag a little, becoming drier especially eye areas and not that bouncy/firm anymore. That's a sign of aging!! O_o So what's the TOP SECRET to prevent it??

I finally reached the age where we need to start using anti-aging products. (No prize for guessing my age right) To be honest, when I was sent to review this product I was undecided. Why? Because it really means that I am aging. Thus, this gonna be my first anti-aging products in my entire life. Someday I just gonna start using it, might as well now!! =D That's when my courage came in. Well, what's more when Enovase Cellogist Youth Guard Cream is an award winning STAR products Style Best Beauty Buys 2011 and CozyCot Holy Grail Beauty Awards 2011 – Best Cellular Youth Protection. (So yeah~~ I am truly convinced)

Enavose is famous brand from Switzerland. For over 30 years, Enavose’s team of like-minded scientists and chemists poured their mind and soul into researching the possibilities of longevity for skin and body. The desire to improve the quality of life and in living itself, propelled our researchers – with support from renowned cell experts – to delve deep to uncover the truth to attaining youthfulness. What we discovered set forth a revolution in cosmeceuticals. (For more info, please refer to Enavose website).
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Enavose at Suntec City Mall, Tower 3, #02-079/081

If you need me to rate any PR from a company, I shall say Enavose PR is awesome because they have the best packaging ever for their press release kit. Look at how thoughtful and pretty the packaging are. Besides, my parcel was delayed and their PR was doing a good job on follow ups. **Thumbs up!! **
I feel like Christmas!!
And the sweetest message ever!!
*I wish I will stay young forever too!!*

Here's what it's inside: 

Their packaging are sooo lovely and detailed. The 'test tube' bottle is where they insert the press release kit/infomation. They even give us a mirror with a note there. So creative!!  

They say:
The 2009 Nobel Prize-winning discovery of telomeres revealed the secret to ageing and urged us to look inside the very essence of human life: our DNA. Youth Guard Cream, an ultra luxurious treatment that envelops skin in a protective veil. Expertly concocted to nourish skin from deep within, the cream bolsters skin’s natural restorative mechanism and effectively fights against environmental and internal stresses that are responsible for premature ageing. A powerhouse antioxidant trio of Rice, Pomegranate and Resveratrol works in synergistic harmony with our exclusive technology to rejuvenate, firm, hydrate and restore collagen production. The cream works superbly to guard your skin’s youth.
The 30ml opaque white plastic packaging comes with a pump and a snap cap. I love the pump because you know the amount of your usage and very convenient!! The overall packaging is very light because it's plastic-made which you may lost touch of the 'classy' feel for the price. But, I personally prefer this. Easier to travel.
The key ingredients like Rice,Pomegranate and Resveratrol helps rejuvenate, firm, hydrate and restore collagen production in the skin. What's the best among all is it's paraben-free!! Woot~~

The white texture are very creamy and lighty scented. It does takes several minutes for the cream to be fully absorbed prior to applying.

My say:

As the texture is pretty creamy and rich it may not be suitable for those with oily and acne-prone skin. Well, most anti-aging products are indeed rich. I have combination skin (oily in T-zone, dry on cheeks) so when I applied this on my skin, I love how it make my skin look glowy especially the cheeks area.

But during the day, it'll get oily by noon which I had to start blotting my face especially T-Zone areas. Another factor is the summer weather in my country is killing me. Perhaps it may works better in other countries through ^_^ It works awesome as a night cream for me because the next morning I feel my skin is well hydrated, plump and firmer. I love to touch my face after so. =p

I also noticed that my pores become smoother and smaller after using this moisturizer. And the best thing is, the dark spots (aging spot) getting lighter. Something that makes me really happy~~ As I've been using this product for almost 10 days therefore I couldn't comment on the long term benefit yet (will keep posted and updated).

Rating: 4.0/ 5

Overall, this is a good anti-aging moisturizer for people who had drier skin. If you're at the midst of searching for one, I'll recommend you this. It will definitely works for your truly mothers. I'd passed this to my mum and I had a travel size of this with me. ^_^

Enavose Cellogist Youth Guard Cream is cost at SG$99.50 for 30ml. You can shop them online or either their store at Suntec City or Tangs, Vivo. Join their Facebook for more updates! =) 


Eve Shum said...

packaging is beautiful!!

Rinny said...

This sounds like a great product. I'm getting to that age where I should probably start thinking about antiaging skincare products, but I haven't found any that particularly catch my eye. 

Cynthia Loh said...

Yes indeed. I am very amazed how PR company actually give a good thought on the packaging.

Cynthia Loh said...

That makes us the same age. :p So far this product is really good, but I am still on the midst in finding others.

Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots said...

this product sounds amazing.. I need to look into real antiaging stuff soon.. but like you have oily combo so a lot of the antiaging range are too heavy on me o_O

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