Thursday, May 24, 2012

My May Bellabox

You know how beauty box subcription has been a trend in the beauty industry right now? Like I had mentioned previously we have 3 different companies here available in Singapore - Bellabox, Glamabox and Vanity Trove (which is the ONLY available one in Malaysia!!) . I actually stopped one for the subscription because it's kinda disappointed. So now I gonna show you each content of the box and you can take a guess which one I'd pulled out? ^_^
Bellabox came out with a very special packaging this month to celebrate the Mother's Day theme. The exclude the normal box and include a recycle bag which contained all the products. A great idea for eco-friendly but I still prefer the box.

Here you go with a little description and note about the theme:

And the list of all the products given and price.

Since it's Mothers' Day theme for this month, the box I received was full of different kind of products from top to toe! But again, I much prefer cosmetics though. =P

When I open my recycle bag, the smell is soo nice!!! I was wondering what could it be. And ta-da!! My favorite drugstore haircare products - Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Shampoo and Conditioner!

Didn't I mentioned to you that I LOVE Essential?? ^_^ This 200ml travel size bottle actually cost at S$4.50 at retail. But....I saw this at Watson selling at S$2 Mix N' Match section. So if you wanna give it a try, grab them now! **You won't have this in Malaysia, so a side note from me try VT for June.**

Did you read my review on my first anti-aging cream ever?? They include a sample size of Enavose Cellogist Youth Guard Cream for Mothers. It's a great idea for those who doesn't have a chance to try them on. (This is why we need samples before indulging into a full size item!)

The trend is here with Macadamia Natural Oil!! If you've seen Youtubes, you will know how's the raves of this product works. It contains macadamia and argan oils to nourish and rejuvenate your hair that make your hair smooth. Exactly what I need for my perm hair.

I heard of the brand but I never ever get myself to purchase anything from them. I always had this thought that they're one of the luxury brand - something like La Mer. So probably I'm just off their targeted audience. They include 2 capsules of Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules and these capsules had been Elizabeth Arden’s star product for firming and prevent wrinkles. 60 capsules for S$134 imagine how luxury is this~~ They do come with a S$20 voucher with every S$100 purchase. But how do you see me use??

Lastly, this is the only full-size products given for the month of May.  Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, helps prevent chipping, splitting and cracking in nails. I have something new in my stash now and something I never buy, so I am glad that they include this in.

I realized some of the box came with Candydoll powder, liquid foundation & makeup base sample. I was glad that I didn't get them because I already got two of the samples previously. Thus, full size products win. LOL!! =P Overall, I am quite OK with this month box.

Now, remember the sneak peak I showed you on March Bellabox?

For personal opinion, I think March Bellabox is even better than April!! So far it's the heaviest box ever I'd received because they includes Kinohimitsu BB drink x 2 - the collagen drink! =D The Enovose Black Tea Quench Mask (I gonna review this!),  Lemongrass House Shower Gel (smell so nice!), Moa Green Balm (an emergency balm) and lastly Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation!! I've yet to try the foundation but the raves is calling me.

So far Bellabox never really disappoint me and I definitely had no complain on paying S$15/month for the box. If any of you wanted to try and purchase one of the box, be sure you subcribe to And let me know if you need one, so I can email you my referral link. (points of me & you).

**Thanks for all the wonderful support for my blog sale. There's still some items left there, so feel free to browse through**


Eve Shum said...

I think that the March one looks much better as well :)

James Ronald said...

Nice hair products! You can get great discounts by using Drug Store coupon Codes

Ashley said... tempting. I pity we can't get Bellabox here in M'sia. *sniff*

Angeline Ng said...

Too bad Malaysia doesn't have this kind of service :(

My blog:

sarvin sidhu said...

where can i get those boxes?? 

illy ariffin said...

we have.... i just subscribed to WonderBox :) been reading some reviews.. n it pulled me in to try :)

i'll write up a review once I received mine :)

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