Friday, January 13, 2012

Glamabox - Glam Your Life!

The beauty box subscriptions are trending now in our blogsphere. I've been getting into this box as well for one of the brand here and now my first ever box all the way from HK - Glamabox. Glamabox started by Lisa S (our handsome actor Daniel Wu's wife *coughs), it is based in HK and had been very popular there. (Many bloggers even reviewed about it).

How this beauty box subscription works? Every month, you only need to pay S$18 for this box which has about 4-5 beauty products hand-picked by Lisa S and delivered to your doorsteps.Sounds good and easy? Ladies who love surprises and love to try on new products sample would love this box!

Another pink color box?? I like the box design but it kinda ruined during the transit from HK. Unlike Bellabox, it doesn't come with additional box inside - which is more environmental friendly i guess?? My first impression when I got this was: "why is this so light?" *disappointed* Eventually, the box I have is for Christmas/December box. (Not sure why the delivery kinda slow - I received it on Jan 2012)

Then I proceed on opening the box like pizza. *heart pumping fast*
Aww..the packaging look so cute~~~ They wrap it with pink paper and tied it with black ribbon on top. They also insert it with a welcome note in bi-lingual (English & Mandarin). But they did not showcase any of the product information which I find it quite very troublesome because I would love to know the name, usage and the price of each products.

Anyway, if you're hardworking enough, they do showcase the product info in their website.

Feel curios what's inside? Let's see~~

Ta-da!! It's look sparingly-filled inside. Probably this is the reason why is very light-weighted?? But the products look very promising.

Perfective Ceuticals Anti-Imperfection Eye Therapy Cream with Growth Factor (15ml for S$140)
I can't believe they actually give this in full-size. Just in time I am looking for a new eye-cream. Hopefully this is good. :))

ElishaCoy Skin Reparing Snail Cream (7g for S$21)
I had tried ElishaCoy BB Cream for once, so this is the first time I lay my hands on their skincare products. Snail Cream has been a trending in Korea right now. I heard it was some sort of a miraculous product which is good for skin. I haven't get a chance to try any of them so I really can't wait to test this out.

Celebrity Slim Meal Substitution Soup (55g for S$5)
I dunno about this yummy slimming soup. But chicken soup for a quick launch sounds good to me in office?

Bio-Essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Travel Pack Advancer 8ml + Essence 3g + Cream 5g 
Not much to say on this as we could actually get our hands on Bio-Essence products easily here.

Overall, I think this box was quite okay. My box were full with skincare products. I wasn't too excited and happy about my first Glamabox because they actually gave me 3 creams!! One eye-cream, one repair cream and moisturizer cream. Well, I prefer if they could give me something varies instead. Although the amount I paid is definitely worth for the products given, but I seriously doesn't like the idea of getting products from same category.

So, if you are someone whom loves trying out new products and don't mind products or samples from the same product category, Glamabox is for you. I am not too sure if I would like to subscribe for long term. Probably I might give them another chance to wait for January box (which I assumed it will reach me next month) before I cancel it of. *cross-fingered*


Cherry Samantha Deardra Wong said...

do u knw if they send this to Malaysia? I am dying to get them..

Michelle said...

I've never heard of such a thing before but it sound so cool! Getting a box full of stuff. I'm sorry that it was all similar :( but at least it was not products that were not worth your money.

Thanks for sharing this - I had no clue that there was such a thing! I wish they'd have a similar thing in SA :(

Have a great weekend :)

Rinny said...

I actually really like the assortment of products you got! I've seen the other beauty box subscriptions, but none of them really ever appealed to me. It looks like you got some pretty good sized samples and products, and you definitely got more than your money's worth too. I like how the products are all Asian beauty brands too..I think I'll check them out because I'd be interested in signing up for this :)

Elisa said...

hmm.. not a big fan of the products which are included in this box though.. *sigh.. I've been hesitating to get a glamourbox here (they don't have glamabox here).. but scared that you will get products that you won't use and like =/ 

feel free to join my camwhore contest and win :

bangbangsheshoots said...

wow now even HOng Kong are doing it... wonder if Japan will pick it up haha. Thanks for sharing!

Cynthia Loh said...

Sadly we don't have Glamabox in Malaysia yet, but we'll soon have one. Stay tune in my blog. <3

Cynthia Loh said...

Thanks for visiting Michelle! Probably they will expand this to SA soon too :)) Have a great weekend!

Cynthia Loh said...

They do have many brands of beauty box in US isn't it? I am much liking the MyGlam that Michelle Phan did. Probably you can try them out and let us know!! :))

Cynthia Loh said...

The only thing about this Beauty Box is surprises. You never know what you get until you open them.  :))

Cynthia Loh said...

I would love to have those in Japan one if they have. Japanese products are so much better. :)

ClosetVoyage said...

omg, never heard of 'snail cream'...What?? Pls explain!! haha

Rinny said...

Haha it's funny you mention it, because I was actually just checking out MyGlam the other day. Their beauty box seems to offer very generous sample sizes compared to the others :)

beauty in a bottle said...

That is such a great box! Check out my blog to see the Australian boxes. We have 5 of them! 

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