Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Kao Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Foam

Hello girls!!! Anyone missed me?? Life's been really busy and hectic for me once again...Sorry for being MIA almost a month. I'm on the midst of moving house therefore room are in mess and too many things to be done. :( Please bear with me for a moment ok?

Does anyone one of you here loves eating marshmallow?? 

I believe most of you have seen the latest product from Kao Biore - The Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash.
When thesamplestore sent me this, my first impression was: "It was sooo cute...look exactly like egg shape"

They says:
Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash boasts collagen (help moisturise the skin) and ultra fine, high-density foam. The high-density foam is supposed to act as a “cushion” between the hand and face during cleansing, reducing pressure and stress on the skin. Most Japanese girls uses foaming net to foam up their cleanser which can minimal stress causing on face. (Probably that's why they have good-oh-skin?)


A 150ml pump bottle come very easy for usage. And one full bottle could pump up to 150 pumps :) Although it was very easy-to-use, but I find it a bit difficult for me to bring it along for travelling. 

Firstly, wet your hand and press 1-2 pumps from the bottle. There's no lathering needed like the normal facial foam. Here's how it look like after 1 -2 pumps for one time usage. Look how cute and dense it was. It turns out very dense like mousse, very fine in texture and more fluffy unlike the usual facial foam where it is very watery. I'm comparing it with my favorite Hada Labo Facial foam (as below pic).
Biore Marshmallow Facial Foam
Hada Labo facial foam
My says:
I have to say this facial foam did quite good on my skin after using this for 2 weeks. It cleanse my skin pretty well without leaving any residue. My usual foam cleanser usually left my skin feeling tight but this Marshmallow Whip  left my skin felt clean, smooth and supple as below pic. :) The best thing is it doesn't break me out.
Overall, it was a good product for those who wanted a simple cleanser who doesn't have any bad acne problem. For S$13.90 one bottle, it's quite reasonable especially when you can use it up to 150times (for 1 pump each). ^_^ You may purchase this bottle at our local Watson store.
If you noticed, everyone has been talking about Marshmallow in Facebook. Why? Because allows you to win $300 H&M shopping voucher!!!
This is game is kinda addictive....:p 
Have fun enjoying the game!!


Kalmo said...

Thanks for the review.  I love eating marshmallows.  The cleanser sounds great and gentle.

Emsyyen said...

My facebook got banned. I cant play that game T.T

Vanity is an Addiction said...

I've been wanting to try this out! Thanks for sharing the review...

Rinny said...

This cleanser sounds really good. $14 is really pricey though, for a facial wash. Thanks for the review though!

Shayckgr said...

Thanks for the review.  I love eating marshmallows.  The cleanser sounds great and gentle.

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