Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Review & Swatches: Lip Ice Sheer Color in Shimmer & Strawberry

Lip Ice is one of the famous brand of drugstore lip balm and also my first lip balm I got!! I bought lip ice as my first lip balm (about 10 year ago??) and it almost look the same as now. . With the pinky red packaging and sheer color. Till recently, Mentholatum’s Lip Ice had launched color. two new Lip Ice Sheer Color Lip Moisturizer - Shimmer & Strawberry and they sent me these for review purposes. 

They say:
Lip Ice Sheer Color transform your lips to a natural shade of beautiful pink, goes on clear, then changes to subtle pink that enhances the natural beauty of your lips. It enhanced with natural BEESWAX formula, natural ingredients and effective anti-oxidant.  

It comes with a plastic turn twist packaging which it's kinda standard for a lip balm except it's much slimmer and vertically longer. Lol..The pinky red packaging is very girly, but I personally prefer it to come with more cute animation print on them. :))



My say:
The moment I open the packaging, I smell yummy strawberry!! So yummy that you wanna eat them as a sweet. Haha XD

Left to Right: Shimmer, Strawberry
Shimmer is very sheer in pink and comes with tint of shimmery on the balm itself. But when you applied it on your lips, it turns out a different color which is darker red. This balm comes with a little strawberry flavor. While Strawberry comes with a matte color with no shimmer at all. Just like a normal lip balm.
This lip balm does work very well on moisturizing my lips, giving it a nice sheen of pink gloss. The only thing which that bugged me is that red stain doesn't turn out to be the color that suits my skintone much. I would prefer it to look little less red. 

Here's the pic before and after. It may look very light in pic, but in real life it's very pinkish.

I like the shimmery tint it look on my lips. It look slight glossy like lipgloss. But I do get comments from my colleague saying that I am wearing lipstick instead. 

 This lipbalm look absolutely matte except i noticed it kinda make my cracked lips more obvious. >.<"

Nevertheless, the color lasting is definitely awesome!! Despite after hours applying it in office and drinking, the lip stain is still there. =)

Rating: 3.9/5

Overall, it was a good tinted lip balm for the $7.50 which you can easily find them from local drugstore like Watson. For more information and contest, please join Lip Ice's Facebook Page


Kalmo said...

Thanks for the helpful review and swatches.  I haven't tried anything from Lip Ice before but the packaging is really cute.  I really think the shimmer one is quite pretty.

Kat said...

It looks so cute! I am one of those who don't like the color adapting balms because my lips always turn out to a Hot Pink!

Lina Kim ♥ said...

I've tried this lip ice already, but the pink turns out to be too 'magenta' on me >.<

 btw, I have a BB CREAMS GIVEAWAY on my blog. please do enter ok ^^ thank you

Jenny Thay said...

love your reviews!

followed =)


Issa said...

thanks for your review!  i wanna try these out... :)

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