Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Charles Worthington Frizz-Free Leave-In Smoothing Spray

How your hair behave, that's how it determines your mood that day. And here comes the name of -  Bad Hair Day.  Bad Hair Day = Bad Mood. 

As much as I love taking care of my skin, taking care of my hair is one of my hobby. I love my long straight hair but towards the middle of the day in office, my hair look super messy especially when I am stressed out and busy. My manager even commented that my hair look very messy - HORRIBLE!! o_O

Thanks Goodness I found a product that can solve the problem- Charles Worthington Frizz Free Leave-In Smoothing Spray. As seen as my previous entry, Charles Worthington is one of the top UK hair care product. 

They say:
Created to provide up to 18 hours of frizz protection, Salon Results Smoothing Leave-in Spray offers the ultimate in long-lasting anti-frizz control. Part of the Salon Results collection, this wheat protein-enriched hair care treatment has been created to replace frizz frustration with repaired and conditioned hair.

Weatherproofing your hair from the style-destroying effects of the elements, this intense leave-in frizz spray guards hair from the moment you apply.

Like any other Charles Worthington products, their packaging are all in the same oval same. Except it look kinda classy and 'blue' for Frizz-Fee range is my favorite!! They named it Smoothing Spray 200ml, it comes with a spray pump. All you have to do is just pump and the spray towards your hair. (Easy-peasy)


Spritz directly onto freshly washed, towel dried hair and comb through. Do not rinse out. Style as desired to reveal super sleek end result. Avoid contact with eyes. For optimum results combine with Frizz Free Shampoo. For instantly soft and shiny frizz-free hair, combine with Salon Results Frizz Free shampoo and conditioner and use our Ultimate Frizz Free Serum to calm those flyaways (I'll review both products soon)

My says:
The first time I spray on my hair, it smells so good!! It smells like a strongly-scented flora. Unlike my Liese Shower, the smells for this products lasted you quite a while which I actually LOVES them!! Imagine after lunch when your hair is full with 'food' smell and oily sleek? Eww~~ One 
spray to tame your frizz and also make your hair smell heavenly is what you need in work!! 

My hair was mad-horrible frizzy as my manager commented. After a few spray on my hair, I come it on and voila!! It look super FLAT and shiny~~ Although this might not be addictive and as much 'shower' like Liese, but I love the smell of it. :)

3 points to describe this product - Frizz-free hair, Shiny hair and super nice smell!! (wuhahah XD) Seriously, I haven't really counted whether it lasted up to 18hours frizz-free but at least from noon till night, my hair does look very flat. :p

This product is sold in local Watson at the price of RM32.90. I believe this 200ml product can last quite a time for you. For OL, you may want to consider this on your office table like me!! XD

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Kim Hye Rin said...

I'm gonna check this out at watson, thanks for sharing =)

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