Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My shoe hauls~~

My apologies for slacking again on my blog post. Life's been busy catching up, I'm trying to balance myself between work, entertainment, sleep and of course blogging. So far everything has been quite settled down at work - except for I need to find a new place now. Since I started to haul more on skincare and cosmetics, my budget went a bit tight I do not have extra to spend on others. This month, I couldn't resist anymore temptation of not buying any shoes for months!! Note: I am on shoe-shopping ban and yes I did very well. =)

Woman will never lack out of shoes....Buying shoes is like a pure satisfaction for us. (Well, the male species never understand this theory). I've been always a shoe shopaholic since my university days. You can never imagine I actually throw away 10 pairs of shoes because I couldn't packed it all back home when I graduated. :p And trust me, I actually ship a huge box of them back home before that.

My shoe bargain I got this month!! Believe me, all these shoes add on together cost me less than USD50.. :p

Got this pair from Summit. I like this cream-beige zipper heels. It look very simple but I find it very sophisticated for work day. Not too tall, at least I able to walk with it. New shoe for work now!! =D

How does it look on my feet? :p 

The dark blue jeans ankle-boots purchased from Summit during clearance sales. This is my very first pair of open-toe ankle boots. :) I am very happy that it fits me very well and look sexy :p

Padini/Vincci are having massive sales now. I happened to pass by after watching the Pirates of Carribean 4 and saw this pair of wedges on sale for USD10 (RM30)!! Tell me who doesn't love walking with wedges? They are simply comfy isn't it? :)

Same place I got my wedges, I saw this purple strappy flats. I love this flats ever since it was newly launched at higher price. But I didn't manage to get them because the original price doesn't match it on. 

But for USD5 (RM15), this shoe is definitely a steal!! Something I will wear for travelling~~ :))

Lastly, I bought two Crocs shoes during their warehouse sales. $15 a pair is definitely great bargain than in Malaysia. Not too sure how much is it in US or other countries but I bet it's not that cheap either. (Sorry, no pics). The green crocs supposed to be mine, but my mum took it away and the grey is for my dad. So they have couple shoe now. Lol...

That's all for my shoe hauls during the month of May. How about you? Any of you fancy buying shoe? Do share with me.


Kim Hye Rin said...

waaah nice haul!
I got addicted to ballet flat too recently =D been collecting it <3

bangbangsheshoots said...

nice shoes haul! the brown and black pair look great!

Kat said...

Love all of your shoes! You got them for such great deals too. I love that!

Issa said...

nice haul!!!! and inexpensive too! :)

Jiawa said...

I love all these shoes, especially the black with sling strap :) 

Ok I can't believe you got all these for $50!! How did you do it? O_O

Btw I love your blog and I'll be following ^^

Charming Vanity said...

Wow...amazing haul...love Crocs and that's really a fabulous deal..good luck in house hunting!

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