Monday, May 02, 2011

April Favorite~ ❤

Time really flies so fast that we're now in May!! Not sure why but I love the month of May :) Been working like a mad cow staying at office till 12am had incredibly exhausted me (blamed the election!!) that I don't even have time to put on my makeup in the morning!! Not to mentioned the bad panda eyes. *slaps slaps*

This month favorite products are about being down-to-earth!! Could any of you spot what are these babies?

 Am going a brief review on all the products starting this month.
Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige 
 One of the Lunasol's best selling eyeshadow palette. As much as I love neutrals, this palette is definitely work well for everyday office makeup. Isn't it soo pretty, luxurious and luminous? I am going to use this more often now.

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus
Another highly raved mascara. This mascara has been one of my favorite for my short lashes. Despite it is hard to remove, it really lengthen my lashes very well and it's super waterproof and smudgeproof. Even when you rub your eyes real hard, the mascara doesn't come off. (Review this soon)

Makeup Masala Gel Liner in Black  
(pictured as above)
This is my first black gel liner I bought years ago. Can't you imagine it actually lasted till now? It does dries up a bit but I wet my liner brush a bit before I apply and it works like it's new. Thus, the staying power is quite good though.

NARS Orgasm
The Mother of Blusher & everyone's favorite blush!! It gives a slighty pinky-peach tone with shimmer. The shimmery is much acceptable but it's definitely flatters your cheek to go along with any neutral eyeshadows! (swatches below)

Melliesh Lip Gloss in 05 Vanilla Pink
I love this lipgloss! The pigmentation is awesome and the it stays on your lips for hours even when you eat and drink. Definitely better than Candydoll lipgloss. =)

Here's the swatches for NARS Orgasm blusher (top) & Melliesh lip gloss (below). Isn't this two colors awesome and compliments each other for neutral look??

What's your April's favorite? Do share with me what's your thought.

Have a nice weekends!!


saccharine0158 said...

great picks! the only one i haven't tried is the melliesh lip gloss. :)

Emily said...

Do a Melliesh Lip Gloss in 05 Vanilla Pink and NARS Orgasm blog entry la... :)

Georgina said...

ooh i have beige beige too! its really nice, very natural and soft looking lids.

My current favorites are the Chanel rouge coco shines, Nars Turks & Caicos and UD 24/7 liner in Bourbon! :)

Cynthia Loh said...

Thanks~ The Melliesh Lip Gloss is amazing. Gonna review them soon.

Cynthia Loh said...

I will :)

Cynthia Loh said...

I have been lemming for Chanel Rouge Coco shines too, but not sure what color to get. :)

~Lisa said...

The Mellish lipgloss looks so pretty!!!
At first, the packaging confused me. I didn't realize that the black part was the cap, lol. I thought that was the product.
It's weird how they have the cap longer than the actual tube containg the product.

Cynthia Loh said...

Yes the lipgloss is very pretty~~ I was quite surprised that their cap was actually bigger than the actual product.

Rinny said...

Great favorites list! The Lunasol palette looks really pretty! I've heard a lot of good things about the Majolia lash expander but haven't had a chance to try it out myself yet :)

irene thio said...

i wish could buy NARS.....could you tell me how to get NARS? Thank you very much, sweet girl^^

Cynthia Loh said...

Hi Irene, try Beauty Firks in my latest post for their link. They do bring in Nars sometimes. :)

Cynthia Loh said...

I love all my Lunasol palettes too~~ MJ mascara is very good but very tough to remove.

H Rija said...

Neat picks for the month of April!

You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other
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