Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Accumulated Hauls for CNY~~

Today is the last day of Chinese New Year which is also the White Valentine (Chinese Valentine Day). I feel sorry and bad that I've neglected my blog lately. My new job in new place kinda packed up most of them. I guess I need more time to balance out my new life so I can blog often. Meanwhile I do hope you all could bare with me for this busy moment. :))

Working has been really stressed up in new place. (pics above!!) So I need something to release my stress and cheer my day. I ended up spending much more money then I earn besides, is Chinese New Year. New Year means everything new for me. :p (It's just a reason) 

Let's move on to what I have bought for myself past few weeks. There are more but some of them I've started using them and they are scattered around my workplace and my hometown. So no pics for that. ^_^
The amount of parcels awaiting me to open cheers my day!! =D

*Jeng jeng jeng* Curtains open~~

My first nail polish spree!! Trust me, I don't use or owe any nail polish of all my years. Since I am working this year, that's when I planned to break my own record. 
Seriously, these ELF nail polish are good for the price I paid. And here's my Essie Fall 2010 collection!!

I love the Limited Addiction. So pretty~~ ^_^

Some random nail stuff I bought from Elianto, with the help of SA. Because I am not sure what to get for my nails like top coat and base coat. I am still a noob :(
I finally laid my hands on the highly raved Sleek MakeUp stuff!! The raved of all the bloggers get me into these and I LOVE them!! :D
Their blushers are famous with pigmentation and even a dupe of Nars Orgasm. (If you've followed me in Twitter, I did upload the swatches of Nars Orgasm and Sleek Rose Gold Blush)
Can you spot what palettes are these? No present for right guess. :p

My ELF products!! Did I mentioned all of them are really par with the price I paid? Except their customer service..Hmm...
I got two of their cream eyeliner too. (Not shown in pics)

I bought 6 pairs of circles lens and 2 boxes of 'Logic' Brown lens (not shown in pics). I wore my favorite Geo Angel Brown Lens for CNY. Review will be up soon.
These lens are specially sponsored by my boy. (My early Valentine's gift)

Lastly, my Paul Frank Lip Smackers product. Their lip products are soooo cute and smell awesome. Never regret asking Starryxuan to CP for me. =D

I planned to show you the clothes I bought for CNY, but no pics now as my memory cards are full. So, I dedicate one entry for that on next post.

Here's a random pics on what happening on my CNY.

Lou Sang or 'Lo Hei' is one of the must do thing for Chinese New Year celebration. We called it as the Prosperity Toss. Want to know about it? Read it here.
Our traditional Lou Sang!! Huat ah~~
My baby cousin cute~~
My another cousin who's happily receiving the angpao
My collection of ang paos!!!
Lastly, wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and Happy White Valentine~~


Maypearls said...

great haul!! :D

sleek eyeshadows from top clockwise- sparkle, storm n original. LOL :p

April Hollie said...

What an awesome haul! the sleek palettes have really pretty colors!

Fruity Lashes said...

hohoho someone's having another xmas ^^ that was a lot of great stuff. super cool!

~Lisa said...

Ooh! Love your haul!! ^^ So many packages! It makes me feel so excited!!

And oh my, so many lenses! Seeing lenses also make me feel excited. (Okay, I sound like I'm on drugs now =.=)
The toss thing looks really fun! I have never been in such a big gathering for CNY. My family is just too busy

pinkdalina said...

Sleek!!! wuuhuu!!!
Love your hauls!!!

winwin said...

nice nail polish.. i always wanted to try geo lens.. are they monthly or yearly? haha... tell mi more.. n i finally got my JS blush.. check out my blog...

I wan the sleek palette.. so many blogger raving over it.. :(

Added u on twitter too.. add mi back ya?


Fuifui said...

Ur ELF nail polish are very pretty!! Can share their name with me?

meipinggg said...

ohgosh! i nearly when in a elf nail polish spree because i was tempted to get more colours! coincidentally, you bought the same colours that i want and i'm regretting now T_T

Foxy Frangipani said...

Haha you'll be turning into a mani/pedi expert soon :)

Isabel said...

Waaa nice.. Everything you have there looks great!

bangbangsheshoots said...

great haul!! you should do some looks with your new palettes :)

Isabel said...

Hey cynthia.. Tagged you

Victoria said...

hey, are those my lens? :D promo me kay? thanks and hope you love the colors! :D

Allience_04 said...

Can you state wher3 did you buy the product from...sharing is caring

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