Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Guest Review: Natio Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier

I believe it's been long since I last updated my blog. Before that, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all!!!! Enjoy your Year of Rabbit celebration with cookies and firecrackers? (I know I am late but better be late than never? :p) If you've been following my twitters, I have been down on sickness ever since Chinese New Year begun. (Bad sign huh?) So I totally had no energy to spend any of my time on my bloggie. Sorry readers. But guess what, today you have a surprised.

Today my guest blogger, Ms.Pinkdalina is here to review one of the SaSa top selling product- Natio Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier.  Natio is a new beauty brand to Malaysia from Australia. Natio is Latin for "creation", "birth", "birthplace" and the ancient name for the Goddess of Nature. It symbolises the pure and natural, plant-based origins of Natio’s range.

They say:

Active mineral rich mask. A purifying blend of Australian clay with cleansing and rejuvenating properties. For all skin types.Helps unclog and tighten pores. Does wonders for tired skin, improving firmness and texture. A wonderful at-home treatment for all skin types. 
Pinkdalina told me this is awesome thingy. Let's see what's her say on this?

How to use it

After cleansing and toning, apply a thin layer to face and neck, avoiding eye area. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Suitable for 
All skin type / oily and acne skin 

Price: RM 37
Weight: 100g/3.7oz
Made in: Australia
Where to get: Major Sasa store/
Likes: Good for my oily combination skin, effective result - firm, smoothing smell and dry fast
Gripes: None
Repurchase: Yes! Coz it makes my face like I did botox =p
Rating: 5/5 =)
My words:

As you can see from the picture here, the texture of this product is not as thick as normal clay mask I've ever used before. This is good to me as it makes the mask dry faster as usual hence mentioned in direction that you only need to settle down on your face and neck for 10-15 mins!! Great! to someone like me who always skip masking time as I was too tired after a long day and just want to climb to bed =p 
The smell is very smoothing, as like woody smell like those smells you get early in the morning in the forest or mountains area. The fresh smell!! which perfect before ending your day. The smell is not too overwhelming so to those who have migraine, you can give this a try! No problem.

I just use my fingers to spread the clay mask on my face and neck. Not to thin not to thick. Then I just relax with a book while waiting for it to dry out.  And yes it dries out before hitting 10 mins!!
Then I used warm water to clean it up! Guess what!!! without any hassle and it was effortless to clear everything!!! With just splashing your face, it's already clean and clear from any clay mask!  

Oh no wonder my baby cousin scared and cried when I put on clay mask hahahhaha.....

I didn't take any after picture as I went out straight after masking session. However I discovered something rare happened.... All I did was after masking, massage my face with toner and pat on essence and straight went out for accompanied my sugarplum for dinner. While in the car, I saw my face in the mirror as if I did botox!!! It's so firm, smooth and flawless!!! Surprising part is, that was my 1st day using it!!! Effective result or what!!! Totally recommend this product to everyone out there hence it's not that expensive as 100g for RM37! Worth every penny! Love Love Love this product!!

I read somewhere (which I can't recall where) that people with oily combination are suitable to use clay mask as it helps to control your T-zone or any oily area on your face.
Hence it also mention that this product is suitable for all skin types and oily/ acne skin! Yay!!
I do feel less oily sticky on my face! =)

So what are you waiting for!! Go visit to nearby Sasa, and grab this! To be beautiful, you have to make an effort! =) Perfect preparation to try it before Valentine's day as you want to look your best on that day to your man right! ;p  


PS: Thanks Sasa & Cynthia, who gave this opportunity for me to try this product!!! Love it so much!  =)


Jennifer@lifeandlensofbeauty said...

i should check this out in my local sasa! thanks for the review :)

Fruity Lashes said...

oh wow the mask looks so funny on the face but not in a bad way. i hope it smells nice!

Coffretgorge said...

this sounds like a great face "purifying" mask! i LOLed when i read the botox part. maybe i should buy a tube for my parents hahaha :P

thank you for the review!

GLaM PiNk said...

Thanks babe!! hugs

mint said...

that sounds like a wonderful mask! i've tried their eye cream, hand cream and body wash but I didn't like them much. now i'm interested to see what this one is like. haha
thanks for the review :)

pinkdalina said...

the smell is bearable... it's not too overwhelming like some other products... top note it smell like woody type... but in a relaxing way... not like those woody guys perfume =p
i think you all should try it as it's only RM37! not to expensive.

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