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Review: Elisha Coy BB Cream

I apologized for my late updates. I've been re-located to a new country for my job scope. It has been two weeks now and I'm still adapting. So far everything is quite settled down. So I hope I have more time to blog after this. =D If you remembered my Christmas post, I received this as one of my Christmas present last year. So today, I gonna review this Elisha Coy Limited Edition BB Cream Set from Lush Group.
There are three different type of BB creams given in this set: Diamond Shiny BB cream, Always Nuddy BB cream and Always Triple BB cream.

The star BB cream of Elisha Coy- Diamond Shiny Pearl BB has been found as the only one BB cream that contained Jewelry Powder. Wow for the Jewelry powder!!

It is a multi-functional BB cream that has many strengths which creates flawless, dimensional, glowing skin with the special 7 types of jewelry mineral powder.
Isn't the pink tube cute? :p
Looking at the ingredients and benefits, it does really WOW me especially with their UV blocking function.
How do I find it? Let's just make it short here:

Elisha Coy- Diamond Shiny Pearl BB Cream  
Coverage : Sheer - Medium 
TextureSlighty thick, creamy and oily
Shade :  NC20- NC25 (Swatches below as 'D')
Undertone : Neutral undertone.
Oil-Control: Approximately 4-5 hours (for oily skin)
Dewy-ness: Quite shimmery

Before and after pic:

You can see from the pic above, the BB Cream contains a few shimmery pearl look to make your skin look shiny. If you're not into glowy or shiny look, this BB cream is ain't for you. I found it quite oily for my combination skin after application, so i gonna tone it down with my loose powder. It's definitely not a BB cream I will reach for everyday because of the shine. (Maybe I'm just not used to the little glitter on my face) But this definitely look awesome for night look!! Especially when you're taking pictures at night. =D

Elisha Coy- Always Triple BB Cream
Always Triple BB cream has properties of wrinkle care, moisture balance & SPF30PA++. It contains Royal Jelly extract, Caviar Extract, Rose Hip extract, Acerola Extract , Mulberry Root - Bark extract, Portulaca extract and Vit E derivatives. These ingredients supply skin with nutrition and to provides moisture, improves skin elasticity, whitening, soothes irritation, prevents dry skin for soft, supple and lustrous skin.

Coverage : Medium  
TextureThick and very creamy

Shade :  NC15- NC20 (Swatches below as 'T')
Undertone : Pink undertone.
Oil-Control: Approximately 6 hours
Dewy-ness: Matte finish

Before and after pic:
Overall this BB cream are quite fair on me. Most BB creams that comes with the wrinkles or anti-aging properties are always too fair for me. The BB cream does look a bit greyish on me but it tone down to my skintone a few hours after it oxidizes. This BB Cream is pretty much a pretty average BB Cream in my opinion.If you have a fair skin and looking for a good base with matte finish and SPF here it is.

The color of the BB cream when freshly squeezed from tube is slightly greyish but very close to Asian skin tone. It is shortly overcome when spread out. The color turns a shade lighter than my medium skin tone. 

Elisha Coy - Always Nuddy BB24 BB Cream
Always Nuddy BB24 BB cream gives a natural look with a little shine and stays true throughout the day with soft supple looking skin that last more than 8 hours without the need to touchup. It has medium coverage and covers red but concealer is recommended on pimples and acne areas.  

Coverage : Sheer to medium 
TextureWatery, very easy to blend
Shade :  NC25- NC30 (Swatches below as 'N')
Undertone : Beige undertone
Oil-Control: Approximately 6 hours
Dewy-ness: Natural dewy finish

Before and after pic:
Looking at the picture above, this BB cream does cover my redness well enough with the natural dewy look. Among all 3 BB creams, this is the one I love the most!! Because it matches my skintone very well and the aqua based are very easy to blend with. The only drawback is that it doesn't comes with a SPF. But my skin does look supple with this BB cream. =D

Always Triple BB (T) are the lightest among the 3 BB creams and  texture is very creamy. Kinda hard for me to blend over. Diamond Shiny BB (D) is quite neutral tone, texture is quite creamy too. While Always Nuddy BB (N) has the darkest tone among all others. The texture is slighty watery and easy to blend in.

Lush Beauty is having promotion for this limited edition BB cream set for $19.90 only. This BB cream set includes 1 Always Nuddy BB cream (15ml, retail price $15), 1 Always Triple BB (15ml, retail price $17) and 1 Diamond Shiny Pearl BB(15ml, retail price $17.90). So definitely worth a buy. Please check their webpage or facebook page for more information and promotions. 


ashley cheung said...

thanks for the info! i will check there pages out . i always wanted a bb cream but theres to many !!! aaargh T__T

Vik said...

very nice review. Thanks
but this one is my favorit

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