Monday, January 03, 2011

Jill Stuart Secret Tease Collection

I am officially a Jill Stuart's fan now~~ Who can resist their amazing and awesome packaging?? (If you're the opposite gender of mine, I'll make that an exception) :p This collection is one of the Limited Edition Christmas Set I've been lemming for and thanks to Emily my wish comes true. This gonna be the best Christmas present of all!!

Jill Stuart Secret Tease Collection sold out in a few days after it launched in Taiwan. Amazing huh? By looking at the box itself, I'm astonished. I took almost a day to admire the pretty box itself instead of opening the package up. (Serious) 

Theme of this collection, “Experiment with a secret tease”. It even comes with a signature of Jill Stuart. :)
*picture heavy*
This collection comes along with this light pink and black lace embellished makeup pouch. The black lace does make the pouch feels sexy together with the cute light pink. 

Overall, I love the feeling of being 'Sexy & Cute'.

Inside the makeup pouch, there are blush blossom, jelly lip gloss, jelly eye color N, Night Jewel perfumed body powder and false eyelashes.
Everything here from Jill Stuart gonna be my first including the jelly eye color N from Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color collection. Since this is a limited edition, the packaging is slightly different from their normal Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors. 

The Jelly Eye Color in 104 Satin Lingerie is soo pretty to resist.
 The color comes in a hint of pink and glossy shine silver sparkle. Pretty isn't it?

The Jelly Lip Gloss in 102 Silky Pink are very unique and cute. I seriously adores the packaging although it may be a little small in size.
The color of the gloss comes in a pretty pink sheen color. And it doesn't feel sticky at all like the other lipglosses :))

The reason why I am attracted to this collection is because of their blush blossom. The blush blossom in 101 Sensual Dahlia is another limited edition color which are not in their normal range.
I am not a fan of loose powder blusher as I felt it was quite messy for me to use. Nevertheless, I do love this very much especially their packaging. So princessy~~
The blush blossom are quite pigmented compare to their mix blusher compact. The blush separated into two parts which are shimmer tint and blush glow.
Their brush attached to the blush blossom are quite similiar to the normal range except it was crafted with the symbol 'J' and the brush comes with a slight pink in color.

Until now I still couldn't figure out how I supposed to use this Night Jewel perfumed body powder. The pink fluffy puff are so cute and soft to touch around and its smells heavenly too!! But it was just too cute for me to use it on my body.

Lastly, look at the false lashes included in this collection. I am still wondering what kind of event that I should use this false lashes.
Mind you, according to the description on box, this false lashes are made in Indonesia. Indonesia are quite famous in handmade false lashes. =)

Overall, I am quite happy with this collection. Not to say I am addicted to this brand. Are you?


Emily said...

Hahaha.... I am so glad to me in your post. Actually I am also thinking what to do with the fake eye lashes. I think I will just keep it. Then as for the body powder perfume will also be used for special function like my wedding. Hohoho!!!

pinkdalina said...

pretty!!!! i also want!!!

Jess said...

So beautiful !!! A wow for display on your vanity table!!!

Jennifer said...

glad you got this! Im' skipping away from it this year lol now i wish i bought it XD i might go buy the blush alone in some small shops...the swatch looks gorge!

Skin MD Natural said...

I love this collection the colors are so pretty and girly. The bag is also super super cute. Using a light weight non greasy shielding lotion under make up will keep skin silky smooth and hydrated all day.

mint said...

it's beautiful, Love JS!! ah it makes me so envious look at that now. haha. I love the blush color, it's a very pretty match :) the lashes look amazing, makes me wonder what it'll look like on.

Isabel said...

gosh.. All of them are real pretty. I've always been attracted to the jelly eye colour. It just looks so.. special.. o.0 and soft and shimmery and i-need-to-touch-it kinda feeling.

Winwin said...

omg.. this is my dream too... haha~~ i got my bf's sis to help mi get the blush... u r so fortunate... if someone is to give mi love package.... i will be extremely happy~~ haha~~ nice post btw... :)


~Lisa said...

Beautiful!! I'm falling in love with the packaging again and again each time some one blogs about it!!

The false lashes look pretty awesome!! Maybe to those clubs or Halloween? Haha

xin said...

it is so so pretty! the packaging is really to die for.

stellarvixen said...

welcome to JillStuart fanclub! haha i love my collections too~
i was so ecstatic to get my hands on this secret tease collection haahhaa far & wide to secure this sexy & cute LE

Ginger_snap54 said...

so pretty! I would love to have Jill. Btw, I tag you Cyn.
here's a tag! =]
Rules: Answer 10 questions and Tag 10 bloggers.

1. Why did you create this blog?

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

3. Favorite makeup brand?

4. Favorite clothing brand?

5. Your indispensable makeup product:

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7. Your Perfume:

8. Your favorite film:

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

10. Make the last question yourself and answer:

Cynthia Loh said...

Yes you should. The Body powder perfume smells divine~~ :D

Cynthia Loh said...

Buy~~ :P

Cynthia Loh said...

Yes it is..But I couldn't fit these on my vanity table. :)

Cynthia Loh said...

Yes Jen, the blusher itself is quite pigmented. No worry JS always comes out with their LE blush.

Cynthia Loh said...

Personally I do love this myself too..

Cynthia Loh said...

JS are always that amazing. :D I don't think I'll ever wear their lashes.

Cynthia Loh said...

You have the same feeling as I do previously. The Jelly eye color is very special as in different angle you get different color of shadow. :)

Cynthia Loh said...

Thanks for dropping by Winwin. Hope you enjoy your brush too..

Cynthia Loh said...

I can't stop myself glaring at their packaging too. The false lashes are so fluffy and soft. I'll see what event I could use those.

Cynthia Loh said...

Yes, you couldn't stop loving their packaging. :D

Cynthia Loh said...

Hi-5 Stellar~~ You've gotten me into it. :D

Cynthia Loh said...

Hi Ginger, thanks for the tag!! I'll do mine soon ok? :D

Coffretgorge said...

totally. hahaha! im glad you liked everything in the collection! it must be the old grandma in me that didnt like the jelly eye color much. :( hehe i noticed that the lashes were made in indonesia! now i know why! thanks for the info Cynthia dear! :)

Jiawa said...

omg you are so lucky to have nabbed this!! I have seen jill stuart advertised in all the Japanese magazines, but I only just now became interested. The packaging is so indulgent and feminine! Everything in this collection looks amazing. 

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