Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Accumulative August Hauls

Today is the last day of August which is my country's Independent Day and also my brother's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!! The best thing of it is Public Holiday!! Oh, how can you not love it. :) Merdeka (Independent Day)'s Sales are everywhere. I'll be officially on shopping ban for the month of September due to the reason below:

I guess most of you might have heard about the Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales 2 weeks ago. The sales is totally crazy, I've been there as early as 3.30am for the queue and they only let us in the ballroom at 7.15am. (Many thanks to Anna for collecting my invitation card. *hugs hugs*) Here's a sneak-pic:
I'm in the first row :)

The queue had reached the hotel lobby downstairs.
The sales up to 40% discount of the famous brand products such Estee Lauder, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Origins, and DKNY that makes everyone goes crazy. (Me too :p)  My hauls?
And here's what I got~~~Ta da!!
Can you spot what are there?

Oh, before I forget - I've make myself to Kanebo Warehouse Sales for the first time. Here's some pics. There are Lunasols, Coffret D'or and Kate products. But it is not as appealing as previous sales but I did ended up with something. Take a guess?  ^ ^

Now here's some online hauls:
The highly-in-demand Urban Decay Naked Palette!! I gonna review this soon~~

3 boxes of fake lashes. If you noticed, there are one box which is the Dolly Wink dupe. My Dolly Wink lashes will reached me next month. 

Some outfit I purchase online:
the blue short :)
A white flora dress
Bow toga top
 A few shoes too:
White pointed pumps
A purple pumps

This is the end of my August. I can't wait for September, it's my birthday month. And yes, more surprises coming up. =)


S Star2102 said...

lol, duno when only u will get the ANR from me :( sob.

Cynthia Loh said...

Until I have enough budget for ANR. Coz I still don't need it yet :P

Dina Esty Xu said...

Great haul! Warehouse sales are awesome :D
The white floral dress looks really cute! :)

georgina said...

WHOA thats a lot of BB products dear! :) im glad you got them on sale which makes them more pleasurable! hehe :)

Happy birthday! in advance ;)

Isabel Lee Ying Jee said...

Yeerr... I'm so jealous. You bought so many stuff T_T I wanna work to earn money to buy makeup! lol

Vonvon said...

You got your Naked palette! It's beautiful, isn't it? :)

Nice haul you got from the EL warehouse sale!

Foxy Frangipani said...

Nice toga top!
Hows the quality?

~Lisa said...

Great haul! I wish Canada sold Kate, Coffret D'or and Lunasol!!

Love the white floral dress too!


Fruity Lashes said...

great great hauls. i'm lemming the UD naked palette now

shuaddict said...

Omigosh so jealous of the Naked palette!

Saw that those sales were crazy, people lining up from early morning. Great hauls for sure.

Ahleessa said...

I'm so jealous you guys have MAC and Bobbi Brown warehouse sale! I wish we had that here... hehe~ Nice haul! I also want the Urban Decay Naked palette, but I'll wait for their Friends & Family sale which is coming up soon in couple of months... hehe~ I hope it's not sold out by then. I'm thinking not since it's not a limited product *crosses fingers*.

I don't know where you can get the N.Y.C. Blushable blush over there. I doubt they carry N.Y.C. unless I'm wrong. :/

Arief Arf said...

u queued up since 3.30 am?

Lavender said...

nice haul!

nicole said...

OMG!!!!! you are there since 3.30am!!!!!! I thought of going but I couldn't bear the suffering =p hahahaha. So I opt for personal shopper instead. and sleep til 12pm. heheheh! Next time I will definitely go for sure!!

AND NO!!!!!!! you have the naked palette!!!!! NO!!! NO!!!! I want one!! The palette will only arrived in Singapore mid september. after raya:( I am still waiting patiently for 2 months now =( argh!!!

=p Shu uemura warehouse coming soon =p i mean loreal wasrehouse. U know about it right?? =D and this time i am planning to go =D are you going????

I want naked palette!! Cant wait!! did u bought urs from +tique?


Nic nic said...

Lovely haul! Hope you'll do some looks with the naked palette :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

Cynthia Loh said...

Canada do not have Kanebo stuff? Oh, that's a sad news.

Cynthia Loh said...

Your day will come very soon. :)

Cynthia Loh said...

Thank you dear :)

Cynthia Loh said...

Thanks :)

Toothfairy said...

I like the blue shorts!!!! and Bobbi Brown is one of my fav. makeup brands, I think I have the same eye pallette! xo

natttt said...

babe where is the EL sales n Kanebo sales at? drool drool!!

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