Saturday, May 29, 2010

Short Update

My life's been very busy for this week as I'm still adapting with my new working life. Working life has took most of my time. Therefore I didn't get much time to shop or pamper myself. Nevertheless I still get to spare a few hours to stock in my skincare products.My hauls:
Lancome Blanc Expert Hydrating Cream (with lots lots of samples)
Artistry Pure White cleanser & Toner
Artistry Pore Cleansing Masque
Cellnique Hydrating Intensive Complex (From Cellnique)

I had to apologize to my readers that currently I'm not able to review any of the cosmetic related products. I'm having a bad breakouts and eczema due to the environment changes and stress. Ya, I'm working under-stressed now. Therefore, I went to my dermatologist and I were prescribed some medication. sad Doc said it will need at least 3months for me to fully recover. For the sake of my skin, I'm on free-makeup days now. If anyone of you have any ideas on how to cure my acne problems, do let me know. wink


Lavender said...

I had bad acne problem many years ago due to hormone imbalance and stress. I took antibiotic from dermatologist. I advise you to sleep before 11 pm and drink fruit juice daily (add some bitter gourd). Drink more water. Can also use deep cleansing mask but try not to use scrub for now. I have tried origins Out of trouble mask, it is quite effective to dry pimples. but u can use any clay mask (deep cleansing type). also must change your pillow case weekly. Hope u get well soon.

Ahleessa said...

Oh wow that's a nice haul!!!

Am I going crazy but I thought I asked someone else where KL is... hehe~ If I asked you, my bad. I really am ageing beyond my years... lol~ I cannot even remember who I asked questions *sigh*. :X

stellarvixen said...

dear slowBrow gal,
collagen is good for healing,firmness and hydration from inside i suggest you can do a detox program *watch your diet too *no oily,fried,spicy food

stick to antibiotic as prescribed by the doctor ;)
lavender gave sound advice too! early to bed and water..

Khiel's blemish control daily skin-clearing treatment is good to zap off all zits appearing around the infected area rm110 * i did a review on them at my blog too!

Bijin Blair said...

Fabulous haul dearie!

You can get SUQQU from ichibankao or mihokoshop. HTH =]

Unknown said...

ah.. pity.. I didn't check my emails at all while in KL.. maybe next time =P or if you ever come down to SG =)

Camille Santos said...

thats a lot of lancome!!aw i envy u haha

Nikki San said...

Hello Cyn, make sure that you take a lot of rest, eat nutritious food and drink lots of water. Stress is our number one enemy!! I hope you'll feel better soon. Kiss kiss! Btw, nice haul! :)

Cyn said...

Thanks for everyone's concern!! Muacks~~

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