Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bangkok drained

Just a quick share with you guys. I've read about the news of Bangkok and red weeks ago and things getting worst now. We all know Bangkok is a marvelous place for shopping and holiday but today our beloved place the Bangkok world central area has been utterly destroyed. Here's some pics to share:

The Bangkok central street where the chaotic incidents broke out from the red-shirt protest.
The most shocking news that I've heard is that Siam Square and Paragon are attacked by the red-shirt protest right after their core leaders have called off the red-shirt protest yesterday. Siam Paragon is one of the biggest shopping mall in Asia. Some of the most renowned boutiques found in Siam Paragon include Gucci, Balenciaga, Burberry and many other upmarket brands. There are even car showrooms such as Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini. (Which Malaysia doesn't have).

The Siam Paragon (before):

The Siam Paragon (now):Many small shops were also destroyed, ruining the livelihoods of the independent owners of those businesses. Thankfully the damage was limited mostly to the department store and this end of the mall. The remainder of the mall are safe.But the central structure of the department store collapsed after the fire. Report says that because of the extent of damage, the Central World will have to be demolished. The damage of the shopping malls gutted most of the tourists and shopaholics (me!).

All the pictures and resources are from a freelance American writer. Do check his FB page for more information. Lastly,
this picture which I took from random thai blogger that compares a clip from Resident Evil 4 to the real skyline of Bangkok yesterday. This reminds me so much of the atmosphere in US on 11 September 2001.Is a sad story for those who haven't been to Bangkok and I'm on of them sad. I've booked a flight to Bangkok on Oct but looking at this incident, there are slightly any chances I will fly there. Besides, we won't be able to shop on Siam Paragon, Central World Mall and other nice places in Bangkok anymore. I wonder when will this war end?


susanchu said...

ya..too bad...i oso havent go there before.:(

Kasia said...

Your blog is so nice! I just discovered it!
Love the reviews you make!


Ahleessa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! :) It's so sad what is happening in Bangkok. To be honest, I didn't know about this until I read your post. I don't know much because I don't watch the news. I try to avoid it because there are so many sad news! :(

LyNn said...

you went to bangkok??
i wanna get maybelline's bb cream badly
and maybelline's bb concealer.
but bangkok is in a mess now

Laura L said...

resident evil4?, oh... I don;t know that maybelline got bb cream

Cyn said...

Susan: I hope the mess cleared up soon.

KasiaB: Thanks!!

Ahleesa: I agreed with you that bad news are all in nowadays.

Lynn: I haven't go yet. I wanted to try the Maybelline BB Cream too.

ningstar: The R.E.4 is a random joke. Haha XD

knitties said...

Thanks for popping by my blog. It is really sad what's happening in Bangkok. I've been wanting to revisit for a while but with all the senseless and dangerous events, I doubt I'll be going there anytime soon.

Shop N' Chomp said...

This is so sad. =(

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