Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hauls before finals.

MAC have finally come out with their holiday collection: MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief. I'm not going to explain more about it as there are bloggers like Jenn who has a better review.

I got myself to the nearest MAC and try on. (Bad me, I should have studying for my finals). I never really a MAC fan but I do love their blusher and MSF. :)

This collection come with 2 mineralize blushes one in Conjure up - a dirty plum which look really dirty when SA try on my cheek and Superdupernatural - a mid-tone coral (the one I bought) which look really nice on me!! :D

These blusher are all LE, and most probably dupe-able. I tried to compare the color of MAC Superdupernatural and Everyday Mineral All Smile as these two are coral colors.As you can see the color of both are different. Both suppose to be peachy tone but EDM looks more rosey while MAC's more warm. Incredibly with flash both color look almost the same (not sure is it my camera's fault). For your information, EDM and MAC both has different texture. Therefore my comparison are solely based on color comparison only.

I'm happy with my hauls though is quite an impulse for me. Do let me know how do you find the collection. I'll have to continue my studies now as next week will be my final examination. Wish me luck! (Pardon for being slow in updating my blog).

PS: The place I've been to last week for my course trip. By this, you should know where exactly is my location now. =)

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