Sunday, October 04, 2009

Back from Holidays

I've been really busy past few week that my blog have been neglected.
During Raya one week break, I went back home for holidays. My time have been fully occupied till then. When I came back university, I have tons of presentations and assignments to hand in. *Which enough to kill my sleeping time*

I got myself a BIG haul of masks during holiday break. The famous sheet mask all the way from Taiwan, My Beauty Diary Mask. :) I will review the mask soon in future.I don't remember how many pieces I bought. But it can lasts me almost 10 months if I use it everyday! (I'm a lazy person, I don't use mask that often) This sounds insane isn't it? I guess I will not have any purchase on facial mask anyhow in future.



LyNn said...

haha i wanted to try my beauty dairy too.
especially 'flavours' like Yogurt, Apple, Lavender & Mixed Berries!
but then i don't know which are genuine which aren't.
have fun with your masks
and welcome back

Shenay Lee said...

Hey dear, how do you order them from Taiwan ya ? :) THanks in advance !

Cyn said...

Lynn: Beauty Diary mask is very good. At least to me is it. But nowadays have too many fake mask,is hard to identify which is authentic. :)
Shenay: The masks I asked my bf to CP for me when he go Taiwan. To tell you seriously, Taiwan only sell about RM20/box (if you convert to RM)

LyNn said...

wah i want!
RM 20 only per box!
here can get that price but surely not authentic one!
boo! :(

lailye said...

here are some articles to teach you how to identify the real mask ( in mandarin)

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