Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review: ELF Studio Warm Bronzer

Everyone just heard lots of raves about this bronzer. The ELF Studio Bronzers come with 3 colors: Cool, Golden and Warm. Today I gonna review one of my favourite Warm.ELF Studio Warm Bronzer creates a healthy looking tan effect. The soft shimmery powders provide the perfect tan-like bronze which ideal for summer or year-round. (Do Malaysia have summer anyway?)As you can see from the palette, the product come with 4 different colors which combine to create a rosy/warm color. I bought the Golden Bronzer before this, but seriously I would much prefer this. Let's see why...What can say about this? The color is exactly pigmented and shimmery. You don't have to worry that the powder will fly all over just like the ELF Healthy Glow Powder. I really like these product!! It is very nice to use as highlighters/bronzers to dust on your cheekbones or all over to give it a sunkissed glow.

Compare to the Golden bronzer, this bronzer is less shimmery and has a bit of matte effect. Although they are quite shimmery when swatched but it gives you just a nice glow on your face. This is what exactly I like about it! However since it is quite pigmented, you only need to swirl your brush over the pan for once as too much product will make you look like a disco ball instead. Warm Bronzer would probably suit you if you are slightly darker with more of a medium to dark skintone. As for me it look absolutely great for contouring. :)

And if it don't work as a bronzer for you, you can use them as eyeshadows too. I sometimes use it as a neutral brown eyeshadow. Though it might not be as smooth as the eyeshadow but putting a base would help it to glide easier.

Rating: 4.5 /5

Overall, I really LIKE this product. It works exactly great for my skin color. But sadly, I do not use this product anymore because........Could someone teach me how to save my product?? I dropped it on the floor days ago when I clean up my cabinet. :"(


LyNn said...

hmm well its gonna be hard to press them back because there are several colours involved not a single colour pan.
i guess you can smash it all up and put it into those jar with a stifler?

Lavender said...

i think u can use a clean spatula to scoop each color into separate small container and use it with brush.

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