Saturday, November 05, 2011

Believe me or no - I've Got Bieber Fever??

What comes into your mind with this title?? I've Got Bieber Fever but not the one you thought of course. No doubt I do listen to Justin Bieber's song and I find some of them quite nice but I've yet to come to an extend that I would screams and jump of excitement about him. No doubt if I am a few years younger I might be :p (My time was Backstreets Boys back then)

Honestly, I am amused me when Nicole by OPI launched their 'One Less Only Girl' Collection and Justin Bieber as the endorser. I couldn't come to think of it why Nail Polish gonna do with him???? Does he puts them on????
But.......if I were age 15 and looking for a nail polish to buy at counter, I'll probably get this (with Justin Beiber's face on the promotional card) because I do have a fever isn't it? Thumbs up for the marketing team!! That's not all, when you buy any of this nail polish, part of the profit will donate into the fund of Pencil of Promise Organization (PoP). On the other hand, you're doing charity too =))

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