Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: OPI Black Shatter

As told I never into any nail polishes because I do not have nice nails. I have a baby short nails though.  So I broke my own record this year in hauling some nail polish previously and I got addicted!! Initially I get hooked with more nail polish and get the OPI Black Shatter from Katy Perry Collection. Need not to mention how famous the Black Shatter are (you can see it's in the blogsphere) 

Black Shatter with OPI Teenage Dream
Black Shatter which is "a deep asphalt black with a shattered texture" which you simply paint a thin layer of the black varnish over any color of your choice and  watch the black coat shatter and crack into leopard print effect as it dries. Black Shatter was launched together with Katy Perry Nail Collection.

Ingredients/ Texture:
OPI Black Shatter is very thick and doesn’t apply smoothly. It dries extremely fast in matte and cracked within seconds after application. So it is advisable not to apply layer and layer again. The size of the crack it depends on how thick is your nail polish applied. Example shown below pics:
Isn't both 4 colors come with different size of crackle and dries matte in color?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Charles Worthington Frizz Free Salon Finish Ultimate Serum

This week is all bout June Anti-Frizz hair!! Yesterday post was all bout the anti-frizz spray. Today I gonna review a serum for your hair to keep your hair shine and healthy. My all time favorite Essential Frizz serum had finished and here comes Charles Worthington. Do you think it can replace my favorite serum? Let's see....

They say:
If there’s only one frizz serum you opt for, make it this one: Frizz Free Ultimate Serum. Part of the Salon Results collection, this cult-status hair repair serum erases frizz and flyaways, leaving nothing but smooth, shiny, and super-silky hair.
Designed to resist the frizz-inducing effects of humidity, this serum with UV filters, ensures hair is kept smooth with long-lasting control. For ultimate anti-frizz action that lasts all day, use Frizz Free Ultimate Serum with Frizz Free Shampoo and Conditioner. Easy.

Annoucement: Sleek Bad Girl Giveaway Winner!!

Finally after all the busy work days, I finally get to consolidate the giveaway entries. I am so happy with all my readers that continuously reading and support my blog. <3 Once again, thank you so much for visiting and following me.

I have more than 200 entries for this but so sorry that I could only select one winner. I promised to organize more giveaway in future to award my other readers. :))

*drum rolls*

Jeng..jeng...jeng....So who's the winner??

Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Charles Worthington Frizz-Free Leave-In Smoothing Spray

How your hair behave, that's how it determines your mood that day. And here comes the name of -  Bad Hair Day.  Bad Hair Day = Bad Mood. 

As much as I love taking care of my skin, taking care of my hair is one of my hobby. I love my long straight hair but towards the middle of the day in office, my hair look super messy especially when I am stressed out and busy. My manager even commented that my hair look very messy - HORRIBLE!! o_O

Thanks Goodness I found a product that can solve the problem- Charles Worthington Frizz Free Leave-In Smoothing Spray. As seen as my previous entry, Charles Worthington is one of the top UK hair care product. 

They say:
Created to provide up to 18 hours of frizz protection, Salon Results Smoothing Leave-in Spray offers the ultimate in long-lasting anti-frizz control. Part of the Salon Results collection, this wheat protein-enriched hair care treatment has been created to replace frizz frustration with repaired and conditioned hair.

Weatherproofing your hair from the style-destroying effects of the elements, this intense leave-in frizz spray guards hair from the moment you apply.

Like any other Charles Worthington products, their packaging are all in the same oval same. Except it look kinda classy and 'blue' for Frizz-Fee range is my favorite!! They named it Smoothing Spray 200ml, it comes with a spray pump. All you have to do is just pump and the spray towards your hair. (Easy-peasy)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Introduction: Charles Worthington Hair Products

Approximately last month, the UK famous hair care brand Charles Worthington finally hit up to our local market. Charles Worthington is owner and Creative Director of one of the UK’s most respected hair and beauty companies. This brand was started in 1986 when Charles Worthington launched his first salon and now named one of London four world-class salons in London. 

They say: 
"Charles Worthington believes in the power of hair and its ability to transform and everyone deserves a little bit of luxury in their lives. In fact, we want to achieve the high standards whether the client is a celebrity , a salon customer or someone using Charles Worthington products from home."
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