Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Confessions of A Makeupholic!

If you're here right now reading this blog, I'm sure you would know who's Rebecca (Becky) Bloomwood. The main character from the famous novel of Sophie Kinsella, The Shopaholic Series. Is that what came into your mind when you first saw the title above? *evil grin*

As a woman myself, I couldn't use enough words to express how I love Sophie Kinsella's novels! I started reading them since I was in high school and always wonder how could someone like Becky shopped! And you never know what is going to happen 10 years later where I'm turning into one!! (okay! I'm not that worst yet :p). Yes, I am a shopaholic now! 

While I was away from my blogging break, my passion towards beauty/makeup doesn't stop there. So I spent more and more time on beauty sites. That's the moment when you start clicking into some e-commerce sites (eg: Sephora, Nordstorm, Beauty.com and etc) and unknowingly pilling up your cart/ shopping bag! 

So today, I will be giving you girls some eye-candy!! The accumulated hauls I've done for the past few months when I was away. (BEWARE!)

Thursday, July 03, 2014

MAC Look in a Box: All About Coral

It's been quite a while since I actually purchase something from MAC Cosmetics. The speed that MAC released their new collections is hard for me to keep up with! As far as I remembered they have Maleficient, Alluring Aquatic, Pedro Lourenco, Moody Bloom and Osbourne series. And that's quite a collection for me to look into within a one - two months. :(
My partner-in-crime was strolling around at Sephora in Singapore and spotted these items in the MAC counters. Immediately she whatapps-ed me and that sparkles my interest almost immediately because it was something that I have not heard or seen it anywhere. Not in the states as well. *rolled-eyes*

Apparently according to the SA, these are the limited edition 2014 exclusive boxed set, a few of them full-size items which are new, and a couple of hard-to-find limited edition shades from previous releases. O_o (Does that sounds tempting to you??)

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June Favorite~ ❤

It wasn't too long after I posted my May favorite and now we're on a new month!! July will be an extremely exciting month for me because I'm going through some new things in my life. (Shh!!) Let's go straight to our monthly favorites!

Because the weather is incredibly hot recently and my sleeping hours is very bad, I'll be focusing more on skincare this month. 

Pardon me for the picture quality as I'm using my trusty phone for capturing this. :(
All my cameras was taken away from me from my family......  *frown*

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