Wednesday, October 01, 2014

How to Stay Beautiful without Make-Up

It may be difficult for many girls to even try to imagine a makeup free life, in fact for some it will be a positively scary idea. How is it even possible to be beautiful without wearing makeup?  What would you do with the extra time in the mornings without the daily makeup routine and ritual you follow before venturing outside the front door?

The point is that nobody is suggesting for one second that you should be completely make-up free – it’s all about relying less on make-up and letting your inner beauty shine through. If you take good care of the basics you will be able to step out with confidence wearing little or even no make-up so put away your lipstick, pack your makeup brushes away into the makeup brush holder and find out a little bit more about it.

Take good care of your skin 

You should do this anyhow but if you are planning on cutting down on makeup it is even more important to have beautifully clean and clear skin so don’t go throwing out your moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliates etc.  Whereas you may have once used foundation or concealer to cover up the odd pimple you are aiming for a pimple free complexion.  Using makeup can actually cause skin blemishes and pimples for some people so cutting down on its use could be a means to an end.  Your skin tone will probably improve miraculously after having a few foundation free days.

Remember your eyebrows 

Applying makeup allows us to contour the face into different shapes and proportions so it is easy to forget how naturally beautiful we can be. If you are serious about going makeup free then it’s important to make the most of your natural features – eyebrows play a big part in that. Take a long, hard look at your eyebrows in the mirror. If they have suffered from years of over plucking now is the time to allow them to grow back – coconut oil and olive oil applied to the roots can help with this. This may be a good time to get a little professional help and have your eyebrows shaped in a salon.

Remember that what goes inside the body has a direct effect on the outside of the body 

Yep, drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet can make a big impact on the skin and natural beauty.  Eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits daily, switch your coffee for a healthy green tea and drink plenty of water to keep your skin well hydrated.


This gives you an instant fix both with and without makeup. Iconic beauty Audrey Hepburn herself once said – “the prettiest lady is the happiest lady who always wears a smile”. Smiles are contagious you know, it’s catching, if you smile at people you see nine times out of ten they will smile back at you. Go on, spread a little happiness and you’ll be able to go out without makeup because you’ll be wearing a smile.

Remember your hair 

your crowning glory needs to be silky, smooth and natural looking too for the icing on the cake. Pay particular attention to keeping your hair in good condition with regular oil treatments and hair masks.

Meanwhile do check out They have lots of great beauty products which can help you to achieve a naturally beautiful look. With or without makeup if you love yourself and feel confidence it will shine for the world to see. Beauty is only skin deep and a truly beautiful person on the inside has no need for lots of makeup.  

Monday, September 01, 2014

Lazada Singapore's Top 100 Best Sellers Sale!

As someone who loves to shop for fashion and beauty products, Zalora has always been my go-to destination whenever I am shopping online. However, recently I have discovered another alternative in their sister website, LAZADA Singapore (, that was launched here on our shores just not too long ago.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Confessions of A Makeupholic!

If you're here right now reading this blog, I'm sure you would know who's Rebecca (Becky) Bloomwood. The main character from the famous novel of Sophie Kinsella, The Shopaholic Series. Is that what came into your mind when you first saw the title above? *evil grin*

As a woman myself, I couldn't use enough words to express how I love Sophie Kinsella's novels! I started reading them since I was in high school and always wonder how could someone like Becky shopped! And you never know what is going to happen 10 years later where I'm turning into one!! (okay! I'm not that worst yet :p). Yes, I am a shopaholic now! 

While I was away from my blogging break, my passion towards beauty/makeup doesn't stop there. So I spent more and more time on beauty sites. That's the moment when you start clicking into some e-commerce sites (eg: Sephora, Nordstorm, and etc) and unknowingly pilling up your cart/ shopping bag! 

So today, I will be giving you girls some eye-candy!! The accumulated hauls I've done for the past few months when I was away. (BEWARE!)

Thursday, July 03, 2014

MAC Look in a Box: All About Coral

It's been quite a while since I actually purchase something from MAC Cosmetics. The speed that MAC released their new collections is hard for me to keep up with! As far as I remembered they have Maleficient, Alluring Aquatic, Pedro Lourenco, Moody Bloom and Osbourne series. And that's quite a collection for me to look into within a one - two months. :(
My partner-in-crime was strolling around at Sephora in Singapore and spotted these items in the MAC counters. Immediately she whatapps-ed me and that sparkles my interest almost immediately because it was something that I have not heard or seen it anywhere. Not in the states as well. *rolled-eyes*

Apparently according to the SA, these are the limited edition 2014 exclusive boxed set, a few of them full-size items which are new, and a couple of hard-to-find limited edition shades from previous releases. O_o (Does that sounds tempting to you??)

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June Favorite~ ❤

It wasn't too long after I posted my May favorite and now we're on a new month!! July will be an extremely exciting month for me because I'm going through some new things in my life. (Shh!!) Let's go straight to our monthly favorites!

Because the weather is incredibly hot recently and my sleeping hours is very bad, I'll be focusing more on skincare this month. 

Pardon me for the picture quality as I'm using my trusty phone for capturing this. :(
All my cameras was taken away from me from my family......  *frown*

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pink Me Up Giveaway! (International)

Hello everyone!!

I'm so glad to be back now! :)

To compensate my disappearance, I'll have an awesome giveaway for my everyone of you!!!
*not sure if anyone is reading ever since my blog is bit quiet*

This is an International Giveaway which I've collaborate with a few beauty bloggers friend of mine.

Today giveaway will be very exciting because these are all the brands I really like and it's not available in both Malaysia/ Singapore!! :D :D

Saturday, June 21, 2014

May Favorite~ ❤

It's just a blink of eyes, we're now heading to the next half of 2014. Time does flies very fast isn't it? Like I mentioned in my previous post, I'll be getting my momentum back on this blog real soon. So let's start with the simplest way - my monthly favorite products.

I've actually shared this picture both on my Instagram and Facebook. So if you have not follow, please do ya! :) Username: @slowbrogal

Spot anything that you familiar with?

Saturday, June 07, 2014

UPDATE: Where I've been?

Hello beautiful!! ❤ ❤

First, I would like to apologize that I'd neglected my blog for about two months (and I hate it when it happens!). Life happens sometimes you just have to put certain things on hold (in my case - this blog) till I get myself settled down. :) 

I'm in the midst of settling down myself in a new environment, so life's been very hectic like roller-coaster ride. (lol!) However, I do have a bunch of posts lined up for you all! I've been trying out a lot of new products (it means I shop a lot) and have some fantastic reviews up to share with you girls! I just need some time to sit on my computer and finish writing reviews and editing the photos. Did I also mentioned to you my computer K.O for the past few months and I'm surviving without one? 

Since I have no PC, my only way to stay in love with my beauty passion is my phone. Therefore, you girls may want to check out my Instagram for the most up to date updates. 

" My Instagram name is SLOWBROGAL "
I tried to post any beauty-related stuff everyday. So don't forget to follow me there!!

So that's pretty much about it and I hope everyone is doing great!!

Can't wait to be back :) 

PS: Not to sure if anyone will be reading this though. >.<"

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

March Favorite~ ❤

Wow, time flies really fast before I realized it's actually April now! Where’s my quarter of Year 2014 went?? O_o Tell me, I’m not the only one who feel so. As fast as time flies, I do like the month March because I got lots of new toys to play with. :)

Here’s my favourite toys/ beauty products to play for the month of March.

Can you ladies spot what are these?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Favorite Blush Brush!

I bet everyone know that I love Blusher!! ♥♥ If you know not, head on to read my Blush Fiend post. And when you own a blusher, you need a makeup brush (practially blush brush)! Of course, if you're using cream or liquid blushers you may not need them. But, it does makes a big different using them with brushes! I dislike using finger because I find them really unhygenic. 

So today I gonna share with you my favorite blush brush! And if you're a makeup beginner, this post is for you. I got a couple of questions from my readers asking me which are my favorite makeup brushes. I decided to share and split into different type of brushes and for today - blush brush.

Can you spot which brands are there? ^_^

Monday, March 03, 2014

February Favorite~ ❤

Hello everyone!!! =D
It has been quite a few months since I wrote an entry! Do anyone of you miss me?? *unsure if there's still someone who reads this post*

My laptop is gone for now and forever. So I relied on my mobile phone a lot past few months. Please follow me on Instagram because I do micro-blog there! (Instagram Username: Slowbrogal)

I posted my February Favorite on my Instagram last few days. But I decided to put it in here so I could write and share my thoughts more. (Come give me a clap! :p) 

*Excuse me for the picture quality - this was taken by my Samsung Note 2. 
Have you spotted what's on the picture?
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